Accomplishment of the workshop programme for the National Commission for State Public Utilities Regulation


During 2014 the Reform of Municipal Services in Eastern Ukraine Project has facilitated a workshop programme in solid waste management for representatives of the National Commission for State Public Utilities Regulation and the Ministry for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy in Kiev.

From June 25-26, 2014, the third workshop ‘Project preparation and grant funding in the EU context’ was carried out. The international waste management experts briefed the participants on the EU regional policy and funding programmes, financial and economic analysis, cost benefit and feasibility studies in the EU context, amongst others.

At the end of the workshop the Director of Department for State Policy in Waste Management Sector of the National Commission Mr. Oleg Kostrykin pointed out: ‘We are very pleased to extend cooperation with GIZ. It is important for us to get training in this field, since the signing of economic part of the Association Agreement requires the alignment of the SHW management sector with EU requirements. The format of this process will be determined by the leaders of our country, but the goal is clear – alignment of the Strategy for Solid Waste Management in compliance with EU Directives. At the moment the sector of SHW management is entirely underdeveloped compared to the relevant EU experience, but nonetheless, we were provided the background for developing the understanding in which direction the sector should move. We are aware that grant funding is a partial solution to the problems in the sector of waste management. In this perspective the German-Ukrainian Project’s support is very useful.’

The final evaluation of the workshop confirmed that 46% and 33% of participants considered the topics of the workshop as highly relevant or relevant to their work, respectively. 77% of participants confirmed that the workshop input extended their knowledge and 90 % of participants stated that they acquired new skills.

The study tour to the Czech Republic scheduled for the period from 21 to 26 September 2014 will supplement the training programme. During the study tour, the participants will learn about the experience of this country in municipal waste management and how national legislation has been adapted to EU requirements. They will visit landfills, treatment and disposal infrastructure and acquire knowledge about the institutional set up of the waste sector. The programme of the visit envisages a series of meetings with various experts, private sector and ministerial representatives who have been directly involved in the development of the waste sector in the Czech Republic.