Experience of cooperation between Kharkiv Centre for Administrative Services and the State Migration Service of Ukraine


The representatives of the Improvement of Municipal Services in Ukraine Project and NGO Lugansk Region Agency for Sustainable Development visited Kharkiv Centre for Administrative Services (CAS) on 21 February 2014. The visit was aimed at finding out the details of cooperation between Kharkiv CAS and the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Iryna Synytska, the Head of Kharkiv CAS, answered all the questions and carried out the information tour around CAS. All bottleneck issues have been discussed which may arise when expanding the range of migration-related services provided via CAS.

Currently the State Migration Service provides only 2 services via CAS in Kharkiv Oblast – affixing a photograph to a passport of the citizen of Ukraine at the age of 25 and 45 and the issuing of a passport of the citizen of Ukraine at the age of 16. Even these 2 services simplify for the citizens the provision of services via CAS.

It should be noted that the organisational structure of Kharkiv CAS is very successful. To create comfortable and accessible conditions for the citizens, 9 territorial subdivisions submitting to the rules of central CAS have been established. Due to remote database access the head and administrators of central CAS are able to speed up and improve the service provision process. Besides, this organisational structure allows to distribute adequately the workload among all state administrators.

In the course of the visit there was assessed the work of the territorial subdivision servicing one of the most populated district of Kharkiv (Lenin District).

The information obtained during the visit will be used for the elaboration of recommendations on expanding the range of services provided by the State Migration Services via CAS in Lugansk Oblast.