News - November 2011

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Nowadays investment promotion is a crucial factor for the development of Lugansk oblast. Within the framework of support to the Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Central Subregion, the GIZ Project Improving Municipal Services organized a workshop for the Agency staff and Stakhanov City Council employees. The workshop was delivered by an experienced specialist in investment promotion Alexander... Read more
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The conference was moderated by experts in administrative services from Saarbrucken (Germany). The Lugansk oblast delegation was represented by the Technical Advisor of the GIZ Project Aleksey Kubar, the Head of Economy Department of Lugansk Oblast State Administration Svetlana Drobotenko and the Administrative Secretary of Lugansk Executive Committee Antonina Kuzmenko. The practice of estab... Read more
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On November 15th, 2011 the GIZ project Improving Municipal Services in Ukraine initiated a chain of trainings for NAPA teachers. The trainings are delivered by the Institute of Advanced Training (IfW) at the University of Education of Heidelberg. The President of the National Academy Yuriy Kovbasiuk emphasized the importance of trainings for the Academy staff: the new didactic methods will ass... Read more