News - January 2014

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On 17 January 2014 a working meeting of the representatives of Improvement of Muncipal Services (IMS) in Ukraine Project, Rubizhne City Council and Water Utility ‘Rubizhne Operations and Maintenance Department for Water and Waste Water Services’ was held in Rubizhne. The German-Ukrainian Project was represented by Wolfgang Huetzen, Senior Advisor on Public Utility Services, Dmitry Tikunov, Nati... Read more
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On 16 January 2014 at 11:00 am a press-conference on the presentation of ‘The City of Lugansk Visual Identity Guidelines’ which was developed under the support of the Improvement of Municipal Services in Ukraine Project was held in the assembly hall of Lugansk City Council (room 201, 2 floor, 14 Kotsyubynsky street). The press-conference was conducted by the Deputy Mayor of Lugansk Z. Zukhbaya,... Read more
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The Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Commission of State Public Utilities Regulation and the Improvement of Municipal Services in Ukraine Project was signed in Kyiv in the beginning of January 2014. It was signed by the Head of the National Commission Mr Valeriy Saratov, and GIZ Country Director Mr Holger Neuweger. The Memorandum is aimed at mutual approval and formalising of main... Read more