News - February 2014

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The workshop ‘Asset Management and Investment Planning for Water Utilities’ was held for the representatives of water utilities from Rubizhne, Lysyschansk, Alchevsk and Krasnodon on 25 February 2014. During the workshop the international experts of the Improvement of Municipal Services (IMS) in Ukraine Project presented several approaches to the establishment of a modern asset management planni... Read more
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A two-day workshop dedicated to the household solid waste sector was held at the National Commission of State Public Utilities Regulation on 29-30 January 2014. The workshop was attended by international experts in the field of household waste management, the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine, the State Agency for Inv... Read more
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The workshop ‘Integration of Lugansk Brand into the City Environment’ for specialists in public relations, marketing and advertising of major industrial, commercial businesses and restaurants, as well as for the representatives from Lugansk-based universities and public utilities was held at the conference-hall 'Capital' in Lugansk at the end of January 2014. Joint cooperation of Lugansk City C... Read more