News - February 2019

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The service level of Centres for Administrative Services (CAS) determines the level of public confidence in the government. It directly reflects how the state performs its functions, and the provision of administrative services plays one of the key roles. Every day the CAS employees receive a large number of applications and provide a lot of consultations. Due to the increased number of visitors, ... Read more
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According to the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services, just 5 communities have concluded 2 inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) agreements in Lviv Oblast. Such a situation is not one-of-a-kind as 16 more Ukrainian Oblasts are implementing less than 10 joint IMC projects in the spheres of housing and communal services, public amenities, fire safety and health-c... Read more
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Subsequent to the results of the annual conference ‘Current Status and Trends of Administrative Service Delivery Reform. Decentralisation of Powers in Administrative Service Delivery Sphere’ and the findings of the survey of 8000 respondents in the sphere of administrative service delivery, the experts of Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II Project jointly with All-Ukrainian Association of... Read more