News - August 2019

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One of the most important success factors for local self-governments is the development of leadership skills of staff. The good news is that leadership skills can be trained and acquired through continuous practice. The Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II Project organised a series of trainings under the umbrella topic “Inspiring Leadership” (19.08.2019, 22.08.2019 and 11.09.2019). The ... Read more
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Increasingly, the world is facing complex challenges such as climate change, population ageing, and the need to improve services to citizens. It is impossible to solve these problems in the old paradigm of thinking and using outdated approaches. The human centred design gives a fresh perspective on the problem and puts a person in the spotlight. Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II Proje... Read more
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The Executive Committee of Lysychansk City Council approved the Regulations on administrative service delivery through the use of a portable mobile office (Regulation No. 359 of 06.08.2019). A mobile office is a set of modern portable equipment for accepting documents for administrative service delivery from citizens at the place of their stay. With the help of a digital mobile case containing... Read more